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Why does it cost more than the home made cheap prep?

I get asked this question a lot and I'll take a few minutes to explain it, please read it all and share it.

First off, I truly believe I have a high quality product. I've got lots of $$$ and time testing for many years.  I was making lots of passes while watching g-meter, driveshaft sensor, and other data to see the differences. That being said, I won't try to convince you on it being better is the ONLY reason why we charge more than the Joe Blow guy up the street charges for his non proven prep.


Lets start with a few facts:

* I'm Hazmat Certified, is the guy down the street making it hazmat certified?
* We use proper jugs, these aren't old used jugs that had some other chemical in them first
* Each jug is properly sealed with a child safety cap, think about that, is its really worth saving $10-15 to put your kid at risk?
* We have proper labels with safety warnings, including CA prop 65 compliance
* We have 24/7 chemical emergency response so if its 3am and you get it in your eyes, on skin, swallow it, etc, you can call for help.

* We have a legal trade secret product backed by proper Safety Data Sheet
* We have a legal / approved warehouse to ship our prep and can hit anywhere in the lower 48 in 3 business days or less
* The prep is made in a proper facility, with proper equipment ensuring each jug is 100% the same
* We keep 500+ gallons in stock in the warehouse to make sure when you order it gets shipped same day or by the next business day

* Did you know Skinnies Skreecret Sauce is trademarked? It is!
* We have an accountant who takes care of our books/etc for us, have an attorney who does contracts for us to protect not only us, but also our distributors
* We sponsor big race series / events, some racers, and donate to those in the race community with a family in need
* We sponsor media companies which helps them with travel and other costs to bring you great coverage


I'm sure I could list more and more, but you get the idea, doing this the proper way isn't cheap! I don't have investors as some try to say, I'm not corporate as we've been called, every expense is paid for by ME as the sole owner of Skinnies Skreecret Sauce.

I watch racers spend 30-40-50k or more on a car, but then want to try to skimp on prep to save $10 for an inferior product. I want you to stop and think about this for a second and answer these questions below:

Would you buy a helmet without a chin strap to save $10?
Would you buy some homemade 5 point harness from Joe Blow down the street to save a few bucks?
Would you buy a fire jacket that only has one sleeve so you could save a little money?
Would you buy a cage made out of wood to save some money because Joe Blow down the street can do it cheaper?

Hopefully you answered NO to all of these!
- So then why are you trying to save $10-15 on prep and if something happens you put your child, dog, family, yourself in danger?
- What if they make their prep wrong or try to do something different and it causes you to wreck your car?
- Is your safety and your family / friends / animals safety worth saving that $10?
- Is it worth it to lose that big race that could have paid you $5000 or more all because you tried to save $10?

I know some people will always just buy the cheapest no matter what, we won't get those customers which is fine with me.

I'd rather have the racer using our product who is PROUD of what he or she has, willing to think about his or her and friends/family safety, and knows the little extra cost for a better PROVEN product is worth it! Thanks for reading it all, sorry it was so long!

-Justin aka Skinnies