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Skinnies Skreecret Sauce Traction Compound

If you no prep or street race you have probably seen our jugs at events!

Why to use Skinnies Skreecret Sauce

  • We are the biggest traction compound company for no prep and street racing
  • As a nationwide company we are proven all across the United States
  • Buy from one of our 300+ distributors or order directly on
  • Works great on bare asphalt, concrete, and rubber covered surfaces
  • No need to cut or mix it, pour straight out of the bottle every time
  • Temperature doesn't affect our prep like other preps, use the same prep from 20 degrees to 100 degrees
    • We have racers doing wheelies and winning races with our prep on the streets from cold temps to hot temps
  • It'll carry a lot farther down the road than other preps: 
    • If at a race spot and you are doing puddle burnouts for 60ft  after passes you can start walking out 60-200ft and the road will start getting sticky where it is coming back off the tire to the road for that maximum traction.
    • This traction beyond the 60ft helps tremendously with getting that big mph on the back end on the street
  • Mixes with other preps and helps bring the road back if the road gets gummy / slimy
    • As many preps get poured down surfaces will get gummy or slimy, especially when it is hot out. Skinnies Skreecret Sauce will help dry out the other preps that have comprised the road and bring it back to maximum traction.
  • Can be used with a hand sprayer ( use light coats only! ) or more common is from pouring a puddle in front of the tires and doing a burnout in it.
  • Lastly we care about your safety, we are backed by 24/7 chemical emergency response



The Background

For many years people have asked to buy "The Skinnies Prep" but I have always kept it a secret until now. Here's your chance to get something I've been working on for 5+ years and HUNDREDS of test passes. It works great for both asphalt, concrete, and no prep races at the track. I've only shared it with close friends in very limited quantities until August of 2017 when we released it to the public.

Teaming up with Skreetcar with the branding and our thorough testing of the prep, we can now offer to you a quality product for a great price. 

The 1 year mark and Today

We had 79 distributors in 41 states at one year, from coast to coast, truly a nationwide brand.  Check out our Distributor Page to see if we have a distributor in your area. 

After a lot of hoops to jump through we are able to ship the product. This means we are able to get it to distributors easier and also now available on --->>> Link to Amazon  Click here for Proposition 65 warning information.

We are now over 300 distributors and you will see our jugs at about every no prep or street race across the country! We have many happy customers winning money and doing street wheelies every weekend.