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If you have done a wheelie(both tires off the ground) while using our Skinnies Skreecret Sauce either on the street, no prep at the track, airport, or another non prepped track surface then read below to get a FREE SHIRT! 

  • These will NOT be up for sale to just anyone, YOU MUST EARN IT!
  • These are limited edition Golden shirts
  • You can only get one of these shirts by submitting a picture or video of your car doing a wheelie while #HookedOnDaSauce
  • Your choice of either shirt is FREE to you, you just pay shipping
  • At time of ordering your free shirt, if you want the other shirt also, ONLY at this time can you order it, cost is $8.99 for the 2nd shirt
  • You must fill out all required fields on form below and submit and sign it
  • Once submitted, you will receive an email in a few days with your discount code so you can get your FREE shirt 
  • Will ship in a few weeks once printing is done
  • Lastly, be PROUD of the shirt, as you wear it many will see it and hope to someday have their own