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Rig or Lie


The Real FACTS - The Truth About the Event and Eric Hunt's LIES

  2. Lying about knowing racers who were cheating
  3. Testing allowed before the race
  4. Blaming Chris Moore for testing
  5. Claiming no sponsors, but had sponsors
  6. Posts deleted and entries disappear
  7. No real curfew
  8. Allowing call outs each round and how it can be rigged
  9. The Rigged Chip Draw you didn't see (plus his buddies being last 1st round)
  10. Encouraging fights after cops leave
  11. Not wanting to pay out 2 of the 4 winners after they were jumped
  12. Banning Skinnies Sauce and Team
  13. The fake cries of a burn down (Nerd Team)

First off before I get to the list I will say our team was warned not to go out to this race, other midwest racers went last year and said it was a bunch of bullshit! We tried to be open to the idea it would be better and even helped give tips to make it run smoother ALL DAY to Eric and others. It's sad because this event could be great, but with how everything went, no midwest cars will go again!  

1. Money Stolen from the winning pot for the racers OVER $3000

First off, their was a list of racers with 133 entries posted in the event up until a few days before the race when this post got DELETED. I've asked for screenshots, but nobody has it yet. I just have the original one of the top of the list. Eric does mention 130+ racers locked in though in the screen shot below.

See screenshot, you can see they are claiming 86 cars paid full 300 and 124 entries total with 100 lock in for just shy of $30,000. Also screenshot of the list for 1st round races they edited this just after the drivers meeting. 

Here is the math:

94 cars x 300 entry paid in full = $28,200
133 cars - 94 paid in full = 39 cars didnt pay full x 100 = $3900
4 cars kicked out * 300 entry = $1200
$28,200 + 3900 + 1200 = $33,300

This means $3,300 was not paid to the racers and skimmed off the top. This is a serious problem done by the promoter of any event! Racers need to see this! 

Lets not forget 4 cars were kicked out after paying because they didn't meet the rules and were trying to cheat. Below is video of 1st round, you can count, 94 cars raced, plus 4 cars that were kicked out.




2. Lying about knowing racers who were cheating

Eric claims in the screenshot below of the 130 cars he didn't know each combination so didn't know some cars were not legal until WE brought it up. Here is the video of him NAMING THE GOAT FIRST, he knew before the race it wasn't legal. I have never seen the goat in person nor know if it really is legal or not(factory firewall and factory floor pans)


3. Testing allowed before the race

Seen in the screenshot below, Eric says no car, not even LOCAL will get to test on the surface before the race. Below is also a pic of the starting line before the race, just another LIE.

One of two things happened:

  1. He never cleared it with the track to not allow testing
  2. He was working with them on the cover up of who tested, I've heard multiple local cars tested not just 1 

4. Blaming Chris Moore who he doesn't personally like for testing

Below you can see Eric mentions he talked to the track owner and said it was Chris Moore who tested. Naming someone for doing something as big as this is huge, makes other racers hate that person.

Eric doesn't like Chris so he blamed him for personal reasons, NOT because the track owner named him. This is not a reason to throw this guy under the bus.  He owes this guy an apology which will never happen.

Also can see below Eric later claims they don't know who tested at all.

When I spoke to the track owner on Friday morning, he said someone did test, but he didn't remember who. He was covering up for someone, not sure if someone else or Eric's friends.

Honestly, he owes Chris an apology since it wasn't him who tested. 

5. Claiming no sponsors, but had sponsors

You can see in screenshot below, Eric mentions Skinnies Sauce was not a sponsor and he had NO SPONSORS. While we did not sponsor this event, one of our distributors did sponsor it, he even posted about him being a sponsor. See the screenshot below, just another LIE from Eric Hunt. 

6. Posts deleted and entries disappear

During this whole deal, posts were deleted from the event page to help cover up what was going on. The chip draw video is now gone, along with the original post of 133 racers that you can see the first part of in the screen shot below. If anyone has the full list in a screenshot please send it to us. Any time a promoter deletes important posts their is a reason they did it and trying to cover up something! BEWARE of promoters who do this! 

7. No real curfew

Eric claimed the night of the race they had a curfew (2am, then later said 3am after it went past 2am) and that is why he was rushing the rounds and caused a fight to happen. As you can see in a PM, he tell a racer entered their is no curfew, just another LIE.

8. Allowing call outs each round and how it can be rigged

Eric allowed callouts every round, not just 1st round. This is a big issue and can be rigged very easily, due to this Kendall Goin asked in a PM about it to make sure it wasn't going to happen and Eric said it was not. Eric then tried to bash Kendall over him asking the question saying he was trying to rig it for himself which is another bold face LIE. He intentionally cut out the rest of the conversation! Here is Eric's post and the whole conversation on the subject.


Let me explain how this could be done by a local with deep pockets! This couldn't be done by someone who lives half way across the country and doesn't really know but a few cars racing in the event.

A Racer has his buddies enter and has them call him out. Buying spot #2 would give him a bye first round with a call out, just have the racer not show up. He then buys spots #3 and #4, which these two call each other out and #4 advances to round 2. Then round 2 he has spot 4 call him out, but not show up to the line. This gives the racer a buy in 2nd round also. So he could move on to round 3 with not having to race anyone for buying 4 spots. Now if he wanted to get to round 4, he would have to buy spot 5, 6, 7, 8.

Example: Round one spot 5 and 6 call each other out and 7 and 8 call each other out. Then round two 6 and 8 call each other out, 8 moves on. Now you are in round 3 and racer could call out spot 8 and get another bye with spot 8 not showing up. You could keep doing this until you got to the finals if you had enough friends there(only a local guy would) and had enough money. 

I fully believe nobody thought of this or a grudge racer would've done it, spend $2400 and get into 4th round guaranteed and put in fast tuneups each round as don't have to worry about going A to B. This could easily be rigged and is why every other race we've ever been to only allows callouts in round 1. 

9. The Rigged Chip Draw you didn't see (his buddies being last 1st round)

The chip draw video has been removed, ZERO reason for someone to remove the chip draw video before the race starts. What you may have missed is the chips were in a bag OFF THE CAMERA and shown to the camera as drawn and put to a name.

This can easily be rigged, chips set out in order ahead of time to pair who you want to be paired together and your buddies run when you want them to run. Just so happens the very last race(which is best past for data for 2nd round, is his buddy the Nerd who jumped our team). Is that a coincidence, I think not! 

If you are going to an event, make sure the promoter does everything fair! 

10. Encouraging fights after police leave

After the decision of the split to 4 ways with remaining cars, the owner of the "Nerd" car and his team decided to jump Kendall Goin and his team(Skinnies), including going after a guy on crutches.

All this happens while the promoter stands around letting it happen, doesn't try to step in or say anything and is on video clapping afterwards and saying "Fuck Skinnies".

As a promoter, one should always stay nuetral, not have your buddies gang up on a team as they are trying to get their car back to the trailer. This truly shows what type of promoter we are dealing with here.

11. Not wanting to pay out 2 of the 4 winners after they were jumped

After his buddies (team Nerd) attacked team Goin, Eric Hunt tried to say team Goin started the fight. He has the flagger(who called the cops after the fight) come down to say he was refusing to pay both Kendall Goin and Mark Boos. After Kendall explained he wouldn't leave without being paid and a long talk with the police they finally paid up.

$15,000 he was trying to not pay to the winners! Unfortunately I don't have video of all of this, he did at least get the amount correct! 

12. Banning Skinnies Sauce and Team

After the fight, you can hear Eric Hunt banning Skinnies Sauce from all his future events and everyone using it. Over half of the field at his event was using Skinnies Sauce plus he had several sponsors who sell it at his event.

If you are thinking of sponsoring this guy ever in the future, please know what he is willing to do a sponsor because his local team didn't win and he gets mad that you make him follow the rules! 

13. The fake cries of a burn down and racing 11 minutes apart

One reason the Nerd team attacked Kendall Goin was because they claimed he burned them down going into the final round they raced. They claimed they had to race 11 minutes apart and was burned down which is 100% a lie!



First off Kendall didn't race them, his team mate Mark Boos did so he and his team jumped the wrong racer.

Second, time stamps from pictures and videos from media has proven it was not 11 minutes apart.  It was over 30 minutes apart race to race proven by time stamps from media companies there. Also Mark sat in the burnout box for 8 minutes waiting on team nerd.  I also let the flagger know we would wait as long as we needed and would sit there and give him what time he needed.

After being told Mark would be disqualified if he didn't back out of the box and run at the end of the round we was also trying to get the car backed up when the nerd finally pulled up in the staging lanes. 

Third, Kendall raced the nerd Thursday night on the street in the finals, Kendall ran last race of round 3 and first race of round 4. He turned his big block nitrous car with no alternator or radiator around and raced the nerd in LESS than 30 minutes. Zero reason a turbo ls car with alternator(guessing he has one) and giant radiator can't run a 2nd pass in 30+ minutes. 

Their was no burn down, no reason for a fight. This was all escalated to try to take the money from 2 of the 4 winners and cause physical harm to team Goin and Team Skinnies after the 2nd half of team Goin already headed back to the trailer.  All of the rush was caused due to the LIE of a curfew.

Final Thoughts

I hope now everyone can see all the LIES that went on with this race and everything that was done that shouldn't be allowed with a FAIR promoter. He is only upset at us because of two reasons.

1. We brought fast cars and put gaps on everyone, not 1 single car was close to either of the Goin Performance mustangs.

2. We didn't take any bullshit, made him follow HIS RULES and called him out when he was trying to not follow them! We came to race fair and expected the promotor to be fair!

Lastly, I'd like to say thanks to the flagger for doing a stand up job for all of our races. I may not agree with you cussing at the people over the PA system at people, but you was 100% fair to the racers and get my respect. Also your Lady did the right thing when the cops came letting them know the real story, respect to her as well.  I'm sorry if I caused you any problems, we just wanted a fair race!

I'm sure I'm missing something and sorry for the long read, but others should know what they are dealing with before going to this promotors race! I'm sure I made some grammar mistakes!